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Cuddle Wood

Eleanor Pet House

Eleanor Pet House

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The wooden cat and dog house is a cozy and charming shelter for your beloved pets. Crafted from sturdy and durable wood, this house provides a safe and comfortable retreat for both cats and dogs.

The design of the house features a sloping roof, which not only adds an aesthetic appeal but also helps to protect your pets from rain and snow. The wooden construction ensures insulation, keeping the interior warm during colder months and cool during hot summer days.

Inside the house, there is ample space for your furry friends to relax and unwind. The floor is raised off the ground, providing an elevated platform that helps to keep the interior dry and prevents any potential drafts. The house also includes a soft and cozy cushion for your pets to rest on, ensuring maximum comfort.

The entrance of the house is designed with a small door, allowing easy access for your pets. It is positioned at a height that is convenient for both cats and dogs to enter and exit comfortably. The door can be closed securely, providing a sense of privacy and security for your pets.

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